Halls Road, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 7FS;

0115 9179277;


William Lilley Infant and Nursery School

Head Teacher 

Mrs Sally Beardsley

Designated Safeguarding Person

Deputy Head Teacher 

& Year Two 'Terrific Tigers' teacher

Miss Trudy McMahon

SENCo, and Deputy designated Safeguarding Person

Senior Leadership Team

Foundation Stage Coordinator 

& Reception 'Lovely Ladybirds' teacher

Mrs Philippa Rogers 

Nursery 'Busy Bees' teacher

Miss Sarah Tivey

Deputy designated Safeguarding Person

Happy Hedgehogs Specialised Learning group Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Elizabeth Bowler

Assistant SENCo

Office Manager

Mrs Jacqueline Jenkins


Teaching staff

Reception 'Brilliant Butterflies' teacher Monday - Wednesday am

Mrs Helena Young 

Year One 'Shiny Sharks' teacher

Mrs Judith Crowe


'Terrific Tigers' cover teacher

Mrs Sue Robinson

Reception 'Brilliant Butterflies' teacher Wednesday pm - Friday

Mrs Lindsey Westby


Year One 'Dazzling Dolphins' teacher

Mrs Sally Beaver

Teaching assistants

Nursery Key worker

(30 hour children)

Mrs Leeanda Roberts




& Reception PPA

Mrs Jo Wright


Reception Support

(Monday - Thursday)

& Reception PPA

Mrs Hayley Turner


Key Stage One (Year One & Two)

& Happy Hedgehogs Specialised learning group support

Miss Dianne Walker


Key Stage One support 

(Year One & Two)

Mrs Jacqui Walker


'Happy Hedgehogs'

Specialised Learning group support

Mrs Claire Ashley

Nursery Key worker

(Monday - Wednesday children)

Mrs Bev Butcher


Nursery Key worker

(Wednesday - Friday children)

& Year One PPA

Mrs Vicky Logue


Reception Support 




Mrs Nicky Lake


Key Stage One support 

(Year One & Two)

& Year Two PPA

Mrs Emma Downes


Key Stage One support

(Year One & Two)

Mrs Aime Rothery



Year Two Special Needs support for 'Terrific Tigers'

Mrs Sharmaine Hudson

Midday Supervisor Assistants

& Nursery Lunch club team


Midday Supervisor Assistant

Mrs Michelle Kennedy



Midday Supervisor Assistant

Mrs Anne Bailey



Midday Supervisor Assistant

Mrs Tara Gough


Midday Supervisor Assistant

Mrs Linda Webb


Midday Supervisor Assistant

Mrs Sarah Afford

Nursery Lunch club

Teaching Assistant

Mrs  Jo Flowers

Nursery Lunch club & Midday Supervisor Assistant

Mrs Becky Blore


Nursery Lunch club

Mrs Deborah Stanley-Williams


Nursery Lunch club assistant

Mrs Jade Thornley

Catering team

Kitchen Manager

Mrs Pauline Czarny


Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Charlotte Roberts

Assistant Cook

Mrs Debbie Elliott


Kitchen Assistant


Cleaning team


Mr Rob Bailey




Mr Dave Hensridge




Mrs Anne Fletcher