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Growth Mindset

Growth mindset

As a school we are supporting the children to develop a Growth mindset.

This will help them to have the beliefs, skills and mental 'can do' attitude.

Many thanks for all the parents who attended the parent workshop.  I am sure this helped to understand why we are using this approach and how you can help your child further.

Please take time to look at the presentation below for more information;

Growth Mindset for students - Episode 1/5

Episode 1: A Secret about the Brain Visit to find the full series and many wonderful resources, including discussion guides for each video! In this five episode video series on Growth Mindset, two monsters named Mojo and Katie explore the different aspects of growth mindset so that teachers and students everywhere can learn about it together in their classrooms! This series has been developed by ClassDojo in collaboration with Stanford University's PERTS lab.