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Year 1

Welcome to Year One! 

Here you will find information about all the fun things Dazzling Dolphins and Shiny Sharks have been up to, including letters to parents and homework that has been set. 

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Homework activities are sent out on a Friday evening to be returned by the following Wednesday.You will find the WOW sheets below!


Summer Term Topic 

Our summer term topic is called "Carers of the Environment".

In science we will be looking at different types of animals and naming their different body parts. We will consider the similarities and differences between animals and think about how they are suited to their environment. We will be identifying and naming common plants and thinking about what they require to grow and be healthy. We will monitor the potatoes that we planted in the Spring term. 

In literacy we will be reading The Little Polar Bear and Meercat Mail as well as Monkey Puzzle. These books will provide opportunities for the children think about story structure and to write simple stories linked to these books. The children will be encouraged to apply all of their knowledge and skills such as phonics, punctuation, choice of vocabulary and adjectives. 


Ice skating 

The Year 1 children are having  ice skating lessons this term.  The children have been amazing and staff are incredibly proud of their efforts!  During the first week the children began to learn the systems and rules.  They tentatively put their skates on the ice and shuffled around the edge of the rink!  Despite quite a bit of wobbling and a few tumbles the children picked themselves up and carried on, demonstrating  great determination and resilience!

In Week 2 a small group were selected to go to the middle of the rink and began moving around independently!  The remaining children all had a go with the penguins and showed increasing confidence to skate without holding on to the railing!

By the third week we were delighted to see that every child stood on the ice without support and attempted to skate  from one point to another!

The children should be very proud of their efforts and the  progress that they have made within such a short amount of time! 

Keep it up Year 1!