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Welcome to our Home Learning page.


Learning in Reception is all done through play, lots of talking with each other whilst playing, construction, pretend play, messy play, making, creating and lots and lots of outdoor play - the list is endless!  Please don't worry about sitting your child down to do 'work' as we don't do this in class.  Whilst we do write everyday and do our maths again it is all done through our play - we might write a list of building materials when building or write a recipe in the mud kitchen or a number sentence when playing with our trains.


We have included lots of links to fun, easy ideas and activities for you to do.


In addition to this we will be adding daily challenges such as writing a sentence, number challenge or something to try.  All the children are used to having a go at writing a sentence independently each morning to match to a picture - watch this space for the adventures of Pop and Cath whilst school is closed!  Remind them to use phonics and to have a go.  Lots and lots of praise when they have had a go!  


We are really sad about not seeing the children and want to keep in touch.  Please send us photos, let us know what you've been doing, funny moments and of course we are on the end of an email daily to help where we can.  Please keep in touch.


Take care, stay safe and have fun together as a family.  

Lots of love to all our amazing children from Mrs Jordan, Mrs Rogers, Mrs Walker and Mrs Wright x