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Help At Home

In Year 2 we work really hard to improve our reading and we need your help by reading 4 times a week at home and recording this in your child's reading diary. Diaries will be kept in school and checked on a Thursday night.


Homework - A new sheet will be in your child's homework book on a Friday. Please have this back in school by Wednesday so that lots of PROUD points can be earned!


Things I can do by the end of Year 2!

Get a PROUD point every time you tick something off the list!

  1. Make a sandwich
  2. Make your own bed
  3. Know your full name, birthday and address
  4. Learn your phone number
  5. Dress yourself
  6. Wash your own face and clean your teeth
  7. Put on and do up your coat
  8. Write your full name
  9. Tie shoe laces
  10. Write a letter to someone and post it
  11. Learn to ride a bike, a scooter or roller skate or get better at it
  12. Learn to swim a few strokes by yourself
  13. Recognise some trees, flowers or birds
  14. Sing a song to someone
  15. Use money to buy something at a shop (with a grown-up)
  16. Do a job in the house to help your grown ups
  17. Learn to say "Hello" in another language
  18. Learn to tell the time
  19. Use a knife and fork to cut up and eat your dinner
  20. Get your things ready for school – reading folder, water bottle etc
  21. Know the number to phone in an emergency. What would you say?
  22. Know the parts of your body
  23. Draw a straight line using a ruler
  24. Use scissors to cut accurately
  25. Know the rules of Road Safety to safely cross the road