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Late attendance procedures

Excellent attendance is expected of all children as good attendance is vital for success.


However, in the event that a child is unwell, parents are asked to report absence by 9.30 am on the day using our school office number 0115 917 9277.


We celebrate excellent attendance in a number of ways at William Lilley, these incentives are to encourage good attendance and help children to develop positive attendance behaviours.  We acknowledge 'good' attendance as 97% or above. 


Children who attend regularly can confidently achieve their potential and ensure they do not miss out on valuable steps in learning.  We closely monitor attendance and will inform you of your child's attendance each term, noting any concerning attendance rates.  Any authorised or unauthorised attendance is monitored and shared. 


As part of our safeguarding procedures, if we have not been informed of the reason for your child’s absence we will contact you to ascertain why they are not in school.


Attendance rates are reported each term to the LA, annually to the government, and to all parents on a fortnightly basis through our newsletter and website.


On the rare occasions where a child’s attendance and punctuality causes concern, the school may work closely with families and our Educational Welfare Officer to bring about improvements.   The Local Authority reserve the right to prosecute for poor attendance.


In exceptional circumstances, leave of absence may be requested in writing by submitting a request form at the school office, explaining in detail what the exceptional circumstances are.


Please explore our 'Attendance matters' page for more information on Attendance and punctuality...