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It is important that we all keep active whilst we are at home.  In school the children do lots of activities daily that keep them active and I would like to encourage the children to do this at home as well!  Therefore I would like to challenge the children to take part in our weekly sporting challenges.  All the challenges are designed to be done at home with equipment and objects that you have in your home - who needs a tennis racket when you can use a frying pan!  


There are 2 links to challenges that the children may wish to take part in .  By clicking on the links below you will be taken directly to the daily challenges.  I would love to see what you have been doing so please send me photos of you getting active at home and I will add them to this page!  

You can send any photos or scores to the normal email addresses you are using or send them directly to me  - 


Ready, steady, Get Active!  

                                               Mrs Jordan


Keeping Active!