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Jolly Phonics song for children in order

The Jolly Phonics song in order. A great way to introduce your child to phonics in a fun way.

All children have a daily phonics session in which we follow the Letters and Sounds programme and supplement with resources from other schemes, such as the use of Jolly Phonics actions. 

Children all learn the appropriate phonics phase according to the National expectations.  If children need additional catch up phonics sessions, these are taught in small intervention groups. 

 Children’s progress is tracked regularly and lessons are personalised to meet the needs of all learners.


Parent Presentation

Thank you to all parents who came to our  Phonics for Parents Presentation, the morning was a great success and we know the children loved having you in class with them!  .



If you would like a recap of what was covered in this session, please check out the following presentation: 


"Seeing how the children are taught phonics really helped to be able to help our children learn at home."

"It was very useful finding out how the children learn. It was lovely to see how the children learn in the classroom too."

"Help with ideas of how to help at home while making it fun. Really good to see him learn and how much he does in class." 

"Big help in learning language!"

"It was useful to find out about phonemes, graphemes, digraphs etc and what they mean.  Also nice to do activities in class with the children."

"It was really useful to know how well the children are being taught from Nursery to Year 2."


For more information on the importance of phonics please explore the following documents.  Further links to online activities which support phonics can be found on the class pages.