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All children have a daily phonics session in which we follow the Letters and Sounds programme and supplement with resources from other schemes, such as the use of Jolly Phonics actions. 

Children all learn the appropriate phonics phase according to the National expectations.  If children need additional catch up phonics sessions, these are taught in small intervention groups. 

Children’s progress is tracked regularly and lessons are personalised to meet the needs of all learners.




Thank you to the many parents who came and supported our Phonics morning.  It was brilliant to see so many of you and I know the children enjoyed showing you their learning.  Please click on the link below for the morning presentation.  Remember reading is vital...INVEST THE TIME NOW AND REAP THE REWARDS LATER!

Jolly Phonics songs

Phase 2 single letter sounds (Nursery and Reception)

Phase 3 - diagraphs (sounds made from two letters) and trigraphs (sounds made from three letters) - Reception

Phonics Phase 4 Blends and Clusters Pronunciation - Reception

Phase 5 - New Graphemes - Year 1

Phase 5 - alternative sounds - Year 1

Phase 5 - alternative pronunciation - Year 1

Phase 6 - example activity - adding suffixes - Year 2

Phase 6 - example activity adding prefixes - Year 2

For more information and activities to do at home, please have a look at the following presentation...