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Beneath this shortcut, you will find a 'frequently asked questions' section as well as links to government sites with further information regarding the national and local approaches to

staying alert, controlling the virus and saving lives.

Frequently Asked Questions


What time are the current school sessions?

Staggered drop-off and collection times will continue to follow the same pattern as in the Autumn Term.

  • 8.50-3.20     Nursery - various attendance patterns. 
    • Morning 8.50 – 11.40, afternoon 12.30 – 3.20, full day 8.50 – 3.20
  • 8.45-3.00     Brilliant Butterflies
  • 9.00-3.15     Lovely Ladybirds
  • 8.45-3.00     Curious Kingfishers
  • 9.00-3.15     Fabulous Flamingos and Persevering Puffins

Your child will be greeted at the door by their teacher; please help us by leaving your child at that door, avoiding congregating around the doorways and departing the school site in a timely manner. When dropping off and collecting them, please keep 2 meters away from others and encourage your child to do the same. We are asking that only one grown-up escort a child to school and that adults wear a face-covering when on site. We are not able to offer an extension to these hours from 8th March.  However, before and after school provision is available locally.


What do I do if I have children with different drop-off and collection times either at William Lilley or because they attend a different school?

We are asking that wherever possible, you stick to the times allocated to your child's class to reduce congestion on the school site. However, should this present any issues, please discuss them with a member of staff.   


What will my child need to bring?

  • A named water bottle - this will be taken home daily; please wash them thoroughly.
  • School meals will be available (to be ordered on the day). We have been advised that this will follow an adapted menu due to the current situation. Wherever possible, Christine will provide meals as detailed on the menu. However, there may be small changes on some days due to potential disruption with the supply chain. Please visit the webpage to view the current menu (Children>Return to School).
  • Children who bring packed lunch can bring these in a cleanable lunch box.  Please clean these each day.
  • Book bag, reading diary and reading book. Reading books that are brought home and returned to school will be cleaned and taken out of circulation for 48 hours before being


  • Coats, hats, scarves and gloves. 


What measures have School introduced to minimise the current risks?

  • Careful planning of staff to pupils including specific Midday Supervisors allocated to specific bubbles,
  • Stringent and rigorous procedures on hand and respiratory hygiene, cleaning and handwashing,
  • Careful management of the environments,
  • Minimising contact between groups of children to support tracking and tracing,
  • Staggered timings for drop off, lunch and collection,
  • Classrooms have been adapted where possible to support distancing and increase ventilation,
  • Consideration of specific curriculum adaptations to restrict transmission,
  • No whole-school events are planned, including assemblies which will be limited to class assemblies.


How can I help the school?

  • Please follow the Government guidelines with regard to social distancing, being alert and restricting social contact,
  • Strictly adhere to the rules if your child or a member of the household has symptoms and actively engage with the NHS Test and Trace Programme,
  • Follow the guidelines for drop-off and collection times,
  • Follow any one way systems in place (for Nursery yellow group),
  • If you need to speak to the School Office, please adhere to the signage and distancing regulation,
  • Please do not enter any school building unless it is essential,
  • Playground equipment will be regularly cleaned, we ask that you refrain from using it before and after school,
  • Walk, cycle, scoot to school when possible - the storage area will be accessible for children to leave equipment safely,
  • We request that only one adult attend school at any one time,
  • Adults are required to wear a face-covering when on-site,
  • Please refrain from bringing soft toys into school at this time.


Will my child need to wear school uniform?

Wherever possible, please send your child to school in their school uniform. On P.E. days, the children should come dressed in sportswear. We have increased ventilation into the school building, this may mean that it is cooler than usual.  Your child may benefit from wearing an extra layer of clothing on cold days.


Can my child wear a face covering in school?

No. The government advise that face coverings are not required for primary-aged school children and that wearing one could actually increase risk due to touching it throughout the day. If your child wears one as part of their journey to school, we request that you take it home with you upon dropping them off. 


Will staff be wearing PPE?

Staff will be wearing a face-covering when in communal areas with other adults.  This includes moving around the school and at the beginning and end of the day. Staff will only be using additional issued PPE where an individual is presenting with coronavirus symptoms.


What additional measures are in place to support my child’s safe return?

Staff have access to twice-weekly asymptomatic testing.  This ensures that any asymptomatic cases of coronavirus are identified and managed to reduce any spread of the virus. Stapleford Library are also providing free asymptomatic testing for people within the local area.  If you feel you require an asymptomatic test, please visit


Should my child return to school if they are ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’?

Please speak to Mrs Beardsley to discuss this further.


Should my child return to school if someone within the home is ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’?

Yes.  Wherever possible, make arrangements for your child to be brought to and collected from school by another member of the household or your support group.  If this is not possible, please contact Mrs Beardsley to discuss this futher.


Am I required to send my child to school?

School attendance will be mandatory and the usual rules on school attendance will apply. Please refer to our attendance policy which can be found by clicking on the link to the Policies section of our website. We are aware that some children may be required to be absent from school due to the requirements by the government regarding self-isolation and these absences will be recorded according to guidance from the Department of Education. 


What do I do if someone in my house is experiencing symptoms, however slight?

The main symptoms include:

  • High temperature
  • New, continuous cough
  • Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

If you, your child or anyone in your house (this includes those that are now in you are in a ‘support bubble’), please self-isolate immediately and visit to arrange a test or call 119 and please inform the school urgently. 


What will happen if my child becomes unwell with coronavirus symptoms whilst at school?

  • If they become unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell, their emergency contacts will be informed who will be asked to collect them as soon as is possible. Whilst waiting collection, they will be moved to a room where they can be isolated with a member of staff caring for them.
  • You are advised to self-isolate and arrange a test for your child or by calling 119.
  • Other members of the household should being self-isolation too. 


What will happen if there is a confirmed case within school?

In this instance, we will follow government guidance which involves informing East Midlands PHE Health Protection Team. They will conduct a rapid risk assessment and advise on next steps.  


Click on the link below 'What if...? for a quick guide for parents/carers issued by
This NHS has written to parents to explain when they should book a COVID test for their child. 

How to test your child for coronavirus (Covid-19) in the UK

A how to video on testing your child for coronavirus. This is the throat and nose swab test which will test for whether your child has coronavirus now. Exact...

Covid 19 Amendment to our Behaviour Policy


Please click on the link below to be taken to our policies page which contains an Appendix to our Behaviour Policy. The policy has required an amendment due to the measures that have been introduced to support with the reopening of School. Please also click on the link below to view the Attendance Policy.

Current National and Local Coronavirus Information

Hands. Face. Space


The Department for Education Coronavirus helpline is available to answer questions about Covid-19 relating to education:


Phone: 0800 046 8687

Opening hours:

8am to 6pm – Monday to Friday

10am to 4pm - Saturday to Sunday


Transition Information