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The school council




Who are we?

The School Council is elected every year in the Autumn term. This year each candidate   did a presentation sharing their personal  qualities with their class . All pupils in Year 1 and 2 voted and 2 pupils were elected to represent each class.


Some of our strengths included:

good listening, setting good examples of behaviour, being kind, being good at turn taking, understanding that we are all different and can have different opinions.


What do we do?

We meet regularly to discuss a range of topics. We help to make and implement decisions to ensure that William Lilley School is the best it can possibly be.

Sometimes we represent the school at events such as on Armistice Day, interviewing staff and at

tending council meetings.

2019 -20

The elections  have been held for this year and we are delighted to have 6 new members of the council. Badges will be awarded in the weekly PROUD assembly on 11th October.

WATCH OUT for our latest news!



What is it?

Two pupils from the William Lilley School Council meet once per half term with  representatives from other schools within the local area.

They discuss  ideas and matters  arising in and around their school and identify ways forward. They hope to help,  support and  improve their local area.


What is happening this year?


This year the council have two main projects.

1) To support a local food bank

2) To raise funds to have community bench in the local area


Work completed so far...

William Lilley are held a non uniform day and various other activities. We collected food for the food bank and a representative was delighted to collect a large selection of foods!

The School Parliament has written to the council who have agreed to a bench being placed in the community.

The Council have agreed to us putting a bench in a local park and so fund raising