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Our vision for Art at William Lilley:


Our children develop creativity, independence, curiosity and self-reflection whilst equipping them with the knowledge and skills to express and create their own works of art.  Children explore line, tone, texture, colour, pattern, shape and 3D form which will enable them to express their individual creativity.  As a result children are able to draw, paint, understand colour, shade and sculpture through exploring and discussing art through a range of cultures and artists. 



Progressive child initiated learning opportunities in EYFS and the nest in KS1, building on developmental skills eg creative areas and workshops

Children taught about a range of media and encouraged to make choices


Art as a driver when learning about celebrations and different cultures

Environmental art – outdoors used to promote and enhance art knowledge

Topics incorporating art knowledge and skills

Skills based curriculum focusing upon; drawing, painting, printing, textiles, 3D, collage, computing, sketching and questioning about art and design

Topic linked – art cross curricular


Art Themed days/cultural days giving children a range of enhanced experiences

Learning about artists and their life throughout topic work

Mark making opportunities in abundance throughout indoor and outdoor environment in EYFS

Homework art based tasks and related celebration assemblies for completed tasks

‘Take one picture’ topic KS1





Exploration and skills developed through ICT – photographs, computers etc

Links to fine motor skills through Friday enrichment clubs

Christmas card designs created and printed


Curiosity boards

Art competition’s eg school flag and logo competition




Family fun – engaging parents in their child’s learning through joint art projects

Community art activities and events eg, summer fair, Hemlock happening etc



Art intent, implementation, progression and assessment