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At William Lilley, we support individuals to achieve through their love of learning.  Children are good communicators and build strong relationships within the school family and community.  Their individuality is recognised and we nurture each child’s academic, social and emotional needs.  Each child’s learning journey carefully builds on previously acquired skills and knowledge to ensure secure improvement.  Children are enthusiastic, inquisitive and aspirational, showing the determination and perseverance they need to be successful in all that they do. 


Our curriculum is led through curriculum 'drivers' which highlight the key priorities

of our curriculum at William Lilley.  These include;



(Exploring through first hand experiences of the outdoors and wider world)


(Effectively communicating with others)


(supporting the 'whole child')


(Ensuring our parents and local community are fully engaged with William Lilley)


(celebrating individuality and promoting tolerance and acceptance)


(Promoting positive learning behaviours)


(Following our interests and preparing ourselves for a successful future)


Further details on our overarching curriculum intent can be found here:

Further parent information on how we develop positive and effective learning behaviours can be can be found by following the Growth Mindset link below:



We have developed a detailed ‘recovery curriculum’ 2020/21 which will help children to reintegrate into school and support them to move forward together.


As a school, our recovery curriculum will support children to explore and overcome loss they have felt; loss of friendship, loss of social interaction, routine, structure, opportunity and freedom.  Our overarching curriculum vision will be to take a holistic approach which is personalised to individual needs.  This fits securely within our whole school vision “We are a nurturing, inspirational family who are determined to succeed.”


Our curriculum will be underpinned by the following five recovery levers:


Relationships At William Lilley, relationships are always of paramount importance.  However further time will be given to help children and families reconnect, rebuild relationships and build trust.

Community Our community throughout lockdown has remained strong.  We will learn from the successes of the lockdown period, reconnect with the community and continue to offer bespoke and intensive support for children and their families.

Transparent curriculum We will focus upon gaps in learning through identifying individual need and providing opportunities and support to address missed learning.  Our children will remain at the centre of our curriculum development.

Metacognition Learning how to learn is a key element of our curriculum.  We will be giving children further opportunities to relearn past skills, rebuild confidence, resilience and independence when ensure they have a ‘growth mindset’.   

Space We will continue to build on the opportunities children have to explore and follow their own lines of enquiry.  This will be supported by a greater proportion of mindfulness activities.  Holistic opportunities which address the needs of the ‘whole child’ will continue to be utilised. 


Please follow the link for further details about our Recovery Curriculum:

Since 2020, the Government have allicated Coronavirus Catch-up premium.  The grant along with intended educational impact and impact assessment can be found within the Overarching Pupil Premium strategy by following this link:



Children in the Foundation Stage follow the Early Years curriculum comprising Personal and Social Education, Communication and Language, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World,

Expressive Arts and Design and Physical Development.


Our Nursery and Reception pupils are within the Early Years Foundation Stage.  For full details on their curriculum please follow the link below:



Children continue to thrive through first hand experiences which brings their learning to life.

Our thematic approach allows our children to make links in their learning and become

inquisitive, independent problem solvers.

The curriculum areas include;

Literacy Numeracy, Science, Art and Design, Computing, Design Technology, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education, Personal and Social Development

The National Curriculum can be found on the Government Website - click here for more information:


Within each subject there are a range of knowledge and skills to be taught, as well as teaching the application of basic skills in English and Maths through other subjects, i.e. reading in all subjects, measuring and recording methods in Science etc. At the beginning of each new topic, we gather the children’s ideas through mind mapping and plan our teaching according to their interests and gaps in knowledge and understanding.


Click below for further details on the Long term curriculum plan for EYFS and KS1:


Please follow the following links for further details on how we ensure the curriculum is accessible for all SEND and disabilities including relevant policies such as the SEND policy and equality objectives:

If you would like further information on the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.