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Religious Education

Our vision for Religious Education at William Lilley:


Our children develop a knowledge of the wider world.  Children develop a strong appreciation and respect of others beliefs, practices and opinions allowing them to celebrate differences and diversity.  Through religious education at our school, we prioritise a sense of belonging in which children question and express their own beliefs and that of others, sharing their thoughts and ideas in a creative way.




Harvest festival – celebrating, raising money for local charity

Visiting local religious buildings

Religious leader assemblies weekly

Assemblies plan and link to major events

Celebration events – Christian

Easter, Mothers day, Christmas

Celebration events –

Divali, Eid, Chinese new year

Saints days

Cultural days and events involving school community

Recognise belonging through events such as remembrance

Focus on first hand experiences and link with cultures within the school

Christmas tree festival – Christian religious story

School prayer and prayers at the end of the day

Religious hymns and learning songs

Invite parents and local community to religious celebrations

Belonging underpins culture of the school eg, clubs

Promote responsibility through supporting local charities and school council

Long term plan for KS1 for RE curriculum

Embedded across EYFS curriculum through topics such as ourselves, life and growth

Theme days


Religious Education intent, implementation, progression and assessment

Our teaching of Religious Education follows the guidance given in the latest Agreed

Syllabus for Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire:


Religious  Education for All

The Agreed Syllabus for RE in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire



Using this Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, we will enable our pupils to discover more about religion as well as other world views as we assist them to apply their learning to a range of topics. Our pupils are encouraged to express ideas and insights into key questions which face all human beings as we travel through life. They will take part in lessons, and could also receive visitors to school sharing a range of religious viewpoints and undertake their own visits to varied places of worship, Covid permitting.  

Through these experiences they will gain insights and knowledge to help equip them as responsible citizens, ready to contribute positively to our society and the wider world.

The three-fold aims of RE in Nottingham City and the County will ensure that our pupils:

  1. Know and understand a range of religions and world views which will allow them to recognise the diversity which exists in our city and wider society.
  2. Can express ideas and insights  about the nature, significance and the impact of religions and world views as they develop their own personal views on a range of issues
  3. Develop and use skills which will assist them to engage seriously with religions and world views


By following the Agreed Syllabus, RE will also contribute to a whole range of school priorities.  Study of religious and world views will also promote spiritual, cultural, social and moral development, and will support pupils’ understanding of British Values such as acceptance and respect for others who hold different world views.

If you would like to know more about the Agreed Syllabus a copy can be made available for you to read in school. Please contact for more information

William Lilley Religious Education long term plan

Please follow the link for relevant RE curriculum policies: