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Our vision for Mathematics at William Lilley:


Our children are independent, confident Mathematicians who have a secure understanding of the number system and processes.  Our children are able to apply their knowledge and skills fluently and accurately through problem solving and real-life situations, thus giving them a strong Mathematical foundation on which to build.




Daily Mathematics session

Mathematics homework linked to the objective taught over the week

Consistent use of learning environments to encourage the children to be independent – working walls

Maths zones inside and outside

(EYFS and the nest in KS1)

Maths clubs

Additional Maths intervention support for bottom 20% and higher ability including pre-teach

Fluency, next steps and Mastery challenge steps within lesson (KS1)

Quality Marking symbols to support in teacher and self-assessment

Family learning support (Family SHARE)

Concrete to abstract challenges throughout lessons (KS1)

High priority CPD support through engagement with Maths hub for staff in both EYFS and KS1

‘Real life’ strategies and routines embedded throughout the day eg, dinner counting, days of the week,

Objective led planning bespoke individual intervention

Independent weekly maths activity 

Progression of resources and strategies from EYFS to KS1 eg, part-whole, concrete

Weekly Maths focus input in F1

Mathematical activities throughout all child initiated learning areas in EYFS and the Nest in KS1

Number rhymes, songs and routines throughout EYFS

Hamilton Trust planning and progression for mixed age classes in KS1


Mathematics intent, implementation, progression, vocabulary and assessment

Follow the link below for videos and information of how you can help at home:

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