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School Values


We are a nurturing, inspirational family

who are determined to succeed.


We nurture the whole child by

  1. understanding their individuality,
  2. encouraging positive relationships,
  3. providing a supportive community with clear rules and boundaries to ensure children feel safe and happy.


We create inspirational learning experiences by…

  1. providing fun, exciting and challenging opportunities for growth and development,
  2. ensuring children are enthusiastic, have a desire to learn and a thirst for knowledge,
  3. engaging families in their child’s learning journey.


We are a whole school family who…

  1. care for and support each other to succeed,
  2. are kind, supportive and respectful,
  3. promote positive partnerships and exciting opportunities for the whole family.


We encourage determination by…

  1. motivating individuals to build on their strengths,
  2. creating confident, resilient learners who are not afraid to make mistakes,
  3. developing a love of learning for all.


We will achieve success together by…

  1. celebrating individuality and recognising our personal qualities,
  2. understanding that children learn best when they are happy and confident,
  3. working together to help our children to be the best they can be.