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The Children’s Centre Service works to ensure young children get the best start in life and that their families are supported to help them achieve this. It provides a range of services for parents to be and families with children under five years old who live in Nottinghamshire. Some of these are at

purpose-built centres, but many take place in community venues, parks, or in the home.


Staff have expertise in:

  • family support,
  • developing parenting skills,
  • promoting health and wellbeing, 
  • early years development, 
  • communication and language,
  • working with volunteer and
  • supporting parents to get back to work. 


The Children's Centre Service works with partner agencies to ensure they can support families in whatever area they need. 


Each Children's Centre Service team has its own timetable of weekly activities, support programmes, family and home visit appointments, which vary according to the needs of the local area. Below, you will find the most recent timetable that has been shared with us.


Any parent to be or with a child under 5 can attend their local Children’s Centre.


Children’s Centres can also offer one to one or group support with:

  • the emotional health of you or your child,
  • playing with your child,
  • children’s behaviour,
  • domestic abuse,
  • children’s development, including listening and communication,
  • feeding your child,
  • increasing your confidence and help to get a job,
  • preparing for a baby.


They can give you information about other services, and groups are a great place to meet other parents and carers with young children. 


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