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Physical Development

Our vision for Physical Education at William Lilley:


Our children develop an understanding of the importance of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle; including physical and mental health.  Children have a progressive curriculum which builds on their gross and fine motor skills and builds into skills for Gymnastics, Games and Dance.  Physical activity is evident within each day and sports funding is utilised to enhance CPD, accessing local opportunities and promote physical activity for all. 




Continuous provision outdoors within EYFS including the use of climbing equipment, Balance bikes, PE trolley, obstacle course and cars

Physical development plan for the progressive development of Gross and fine motor skills

Outside providers offering taster sessions invited in throughout the year eg tennis roadshow

Physical intervention and support for children to enhance gross and fine motor skills including group work and funfit.

Strategy to link physical activity to wellbeing and PSHE through activities such as yoga and peer massage

Continuous provision indoors within EYFS to support fine motor skills

Clear link from PE to writing and fine motor support and intervention such as Squiggle to wiggle, squiggle to write

Physical opportunities throughout all outdoor areas including trim-trail, balance beams and climbing

After school clubs

Healthy eating promoted through school – lunchtime choices, water in water bottles

Enhancement opportunities such as multi-skills and Sports Day

Sport coach employed to lead KS1, taking year group children in smaller groups

TLG – PE planning and assessment


Local area enhanced opportunities such as ice skating and martial arts

Friday enrichment clubs in KS1 focus upon physical skills

Lunchtime MDSA leads physical activity during lunchtime period

Active playtime plan

Year 2 residential

Regular PE sessions across the school


Sports funding carefully planned and monitored for optimum impact.

Physical Education intent, implementation, progression and assessment

Look at how we utilise the PE sports funding to support our PE provision: