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Behaviour and Safety

We are proud of our reputation which is that we ensure children's behaviour and safety is held in high regard across the whole school and community.  This has been successfully achieved through our curriculum, positive behaviour systems and rigour at which all members of the school community address the behaviour and safety of our children.


Ofsted acknowledge this through recognising;

  • Pupils’ behaviour is good, both in lessons and at other times of the school day. As a result, there are very few recorded incidents of poor or unacceptable behaviour.   
  • There are clear and consistent expectations for pupils’ behaviour. Pupils enjoy earning ‘proud points’ as a reward for good attitudes.  


Our behaviour policy is based on positive interactions with the children.  We use the acronym PROUD to help children understand the rules.

For further information, please see our behaviour policies by clicking on the link below;

Further parent information on how we develop positive and effective learning behaviours can be can be found by following the Growth Mindset link below: