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School Closures & Key Workers

Following yesterday’s announcement, schools have been instructed to close on Friday afternoon until further notice, except for certain groups of children.  It has yet to be confirmed but from Monday 23 March we expect to be asked to open for the following groups only:


Those children classed as ‘vulnerable’.  These could be those who have a social worker and those with an EHCP. 


Children whose parents are key workers.  A key worker is defined as a public sector employee who is considered to provide an essential service. Although a definitive list of professions has yet to be confirmed we anticipate this may include:

NHS staff


Those providing support for the vulnerable

Social workers

Probation officers

Teachers and school staff


To help us assess potential numbers would you please let school know as soon as possible if you consider yourself to be a ‘key worker’.  We will need your profession please, and the days between now and the Easter holidays that you are expected to be at your place work.  Indications are that if ‘key workers’ have been directed to work from home they will not be offered a school place and will be asked to keep their children at home.  


Thank you